Permissions for Single Record

Due to confidential data, I would like to give a user access to only one project record. They need to update a few entries to the project record, but they do not need to see names of other project records, or the number of total project records.

Is this possible with Ragic?

Hi John,

From your description, I would suggest granting those users with “SURVEYUSER” access right. Then, assign entries to them when needed. With this configuration, users can only see the entries that you assign to them. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion! I will try this!

Great idea and it worked wonderfully! A question that I had about this: I uploaded the “From” address on the email. It sounded as though using JavaScript I could change the “From” address so that it was not as long. I would rather that it be shorter. Is this possible? Thank you!