Periodic or recurring create invoice.

Is it possible to automatically create a record, yearly or monthly, for recurring billing. I want to send my customers a yearly bill because they heve a contract for my services.

Now I have to make a record every year for every customer.

I hope you can give me tips how to make this work.


Just to clarify, do you mean that the customers will place orders frequently and you only need one invoice, which collects all orders, on a yearly basis? If so, what kind of details you would like to display on the invoice? Do you only need the amount of each order or you also need to know the order details such as what product they purchased?

No that’s not what I meant. I hava a caravan storage, for every caravan I make an invoice per year. The next year I have to make a new invoice for every caravan in the storage.
What I would like to do is, in january of the new year create a new invoice for every caravan. This wil be about 500 new invoices.

Every caravan has a one-to-many relation with the yealy invoices.

To automation the process (creating invoices records automatically) usually requires custom scripting.
You will need to ask your IT staff to write some script to achieve it.

Thanks, i am already busy with javascript. :slight_smile: