PDF Design and Printing


I have two separate sheets that I need to convert into PDF files for later printing. Is there a method to customize the PDF design to ensure it remains on a single page, preventing content from spilling onto additional pages? Additionally, I’d like to reduce the size of cells and text on the page. It appears that the changes I make in the sheet do not carry over to the PDF or print version.

Could you please advise on how to resolve this issue? It’s crucial that the PDF versions are formatted appropriately for printing.


When exporting a Ragic entry to PDF, the PDF layout will be based on the design of the Ragic sheet. This means if you want to limit the PDF to a single page, you would have to see if the design of your Ragic sheet can be further modified to restrict the respective PDF to one page.

Alternatively, you may export your Ragic entry to a pre-designed Excel or Word template via mail merge, and then save the mail merged file as a PDF afterward.

Thank you

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