Password protect sheet


Love Ragic!

Is it possible to limit access to a sheet using a password? It would also be good if the sheet could have a non use time limit on it to make it close if inactive for example “3” minutes.

I am slowly transferring the operating aspects of my business to Ragic and have created a library of login details of suppliers / IT providers.

I want to be the only one who can access it and if I go away from my desk, the sheet would close after 3 minutes of no use.



It’s not supported to set up password for each sheet. However, you can set up the “Auto logout after idle time” under the company settings:

Hi David,

Would it work if a configuration is added so that each time the sheet is accessed, the user needs to enter their user password again to verify? (Not adding a special password to a sheet)


Hi Jeff

That might work in conjunction with the time out feature.

Just to be sure if I set access rights to the sheet for me only is it only my password that will open it?