Partner Sign-up Page


Dear Ragic,

At the moment as a member of the Ragic Partner Program, I have to manually sign-up any new person… This takes some time and in my view is far from ideal!

We need something! Something more compelling, something instantaneous!

SUGGESTION: Develop and implement an “Affiliate Sign-up Page”!

  • Accessible from Ragic’s Partner Portal
  • Allowing instant sign-up, via a “partner specific” sign-up page!

This way I could direct people to this “sign-up” page and the rest is done automatically!

Best Regards,


Thank you for your suggestion. We are indeed planning on adding an affiliate program. We will surely keep you posted on this.


Hi Jeff,

As you know I have been waiting for months for this. Just a reminder of how I saw it working is via a standard affiliate URL you generate for each partner such as where 123 is assigned to me so when the page is opened you grab my ID 123 and then you know the signup came from partner 123.

This makes it very flexible and easy to implement.

This will draw more business to Ragic and benefits everyone.