Paid Internal Users versus External Users

I have a question regarding users of my sheets. In order to access my sheets as internal users, do all users need to have a paid account, or just me? I’m trying to figure out how to set up my users, as either internal or external and am a bit confused how the billing works.


An account is a Ragic database account created for an organization, it can contain many users, which are actually user e-mail and password combinations that a person can log in with. The users within your organization would be internal users.
And the other people who are not in your organization, like clients, vendors, partners, freelancers, etc, but would like to access your Ragic account, can be external users.

A user to Ragic means the one can access to the database, no matter to design or build up the system, or to add and edit data, or to view data.

Users can be managed into different user groups, and be granted to different access rights.

And the license fee is calculated based on number of internal users * the plan price.

Thanks for the information. I have a follow up question.

I understand that everyone who is an internal user pays a monthly access fee. Does that fee allow them to be internal users in other accounts too? I have two projects where I keep the sheets separated from each other by using two accounts with different emails. But I noticed from the Home menu button on the Ragic website that people can switch between accounts using the same email ID. If our organization can do that, then justifying one monthly fee per person is much easier than two monthly fees for each person, just to keep the two projects separated.


No, they’ll be paid users only in the account that paid for them. If they need to access another database, that database will need to pay for them as well.

If you would like to separate those projects into two databases, then you’ll need to pay for internal users in both databases. To reduce the monthly fee, we’ll suggest combining different projects into one database and manage them by proper access rights settings.