Outgoing stock question

Do you have a template or a suggestion on how to set up internal outgoing stock? I am using your full suite for sales orders, purchasing, and inventory. However, I do not need the sales order template but something similar to capture outgoing inventory to our employees.


You can delete the Sales Order Management templates if you don’t need it. The Sales Order Management, Purchasing, and Inventory Management templates can be installed together or separately depends on your needs.

I understand that…however, that really wasn’t my concern. I needed help on setting up a stock issue and return for internal employees so it links to inventory like the sales orders.


Would you mind to share an actual example and explanation of the workflow for what you would like to achieve so that we could guide based on your need? Generally, a screenshot or the file of how you manage them right now would be pretty helpful. If you get privacy concerns to post them here, you can send them to support@ragic.com directly.