OR formula help.

I’m using a formula in an excel spreadsheet, that I have uploaded to Ragic, while I’m trying this service out.
My spreadsheet has several date columns of how/when we receive something, If we have a date in any of these columns, the record is considered “complete”. My formula is
The A3 field is a true/false question. This formula in excel looks like this: =OR(D2<>"",E2<>"",F2<>"",L2<>"",C2=TRUE)
My question is, nothing happens with this formula in Ragic. I’ve tried the recalculate button, but nothing happens. It should mark the fields as True or False, but all fields remain blank.
What am I doing wrong?


I’ve reported this issue to our developers and will keep you posted once the issue fixed.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience that may occur to you and your team.


Our developers have fixed the issue. Please use the formulas below:



  1. Please use “!=” to refer to “not equal to”
  2. You’ll need to add “.RAW” at the end of the reference field if you’re comparing two values with “=” or “!=”. You may refer to this article for more information.
  3. Remeber to quote the string you would like to compare when writing formulas

Well, it still isn’t working for me. No errors are produced, but it nothing happens in the cell I use it in.


Please refer to the formulas below:

Note: the quote that marks the “TRUE” is different in the picture. The forum will transfer the quote type sometimes.

If it still doesn’t work, please share a full screenshot of your sheet design or send us a ticket through “Need Help?” so that we could have a look at your current design.

Thank you! It is working now.