Notify a specific user when a single cell value changes

We’re a large construction company.

We have multiple people involved at various points of the critical path. 49 people to be precise. All of whom have a Ragic account.

We need the ability to notify specific users when a value in a specific cell changes.

When in edit mode it would be great to have the option to check a box on the Basic tab that said “Notify following user(s) when cell value changes”, then the ability to multi-select a user, or users from the list.

The Reviewer option is not usable for us. It’s far too simplistic. Especially with our number of users, number of different worksheets (85+), while undertaking 250-300 large scale projects per year.


Currently it’s not supported to send out the notifications on a single cell modification but all modifications to a single entry.

You may consider creating a shared view with filtering query "check box field - Yes ", and “multi-select users - Logined User” image, so that users can use “Notify me” function on this shared view to receive notifications when there are new entries match the query, or that formerly matched the queries but do not any longer.

Thank you for the reply, but that won’t work.

Please re-read my original post. We have 49 Ragic users who have veery different responsibilities, at very different stages of projects. They’re turning off ALL notifications because we have no way to make them more fine grained.

Creating a per user notification per cell should not be a difficult thing to add.

Hi Chris,

Let me clarify which do you mean:

  1. This type of notification means that on this sheet, for all records (no matter if the record is assigned to them or not), a person should receive notification every time any one of the records on this sheet changes a specific field.

  2. For one specific record, the person would like to receive notification every time one specific field changes value.

Hi Jeff,

#2 the ability to notify a specific user when the value of a specific field changes.

As I mentioned previously, when in edit mode and on the basic tab, it would be great to have a checkbox that said notify user when the value of this field changes, then be able to select the user from a drop down.

Let me give you a current example we’re struggling with …

Danny registers manufacturer warranties when we start a project.

During the course of the project a Production person books interim and final inspections. Sometimes they require an additional inspection because something failed.

After a successful final inspection Danny receives the guarantee from the manufacturer and uploads it to Ragic.

At that point our AP department needs to pay for the warranty to execute it. However, there’s no way for Janice to know that Danny has uploaded a dozen guarantees, then start piling up, and the next thing we know we owe a huge sum of money and/or even worse we get a letter from the manufacturer saying they’re going to suspend the warranty for non-payment.

Keep in mind that we do projects into the seven figure range. Manufacturer warranties are a big deal.

With all of that being said I could give dozens of examples where we need these types of notifications because our users are tuning out messages from Ragic, or as I mentioned previously, turning them completely off.

Thank you.

I think this would be very useful as well.

For instance a Field called Status changes from ‘Active’ to ‘Ready for Review.’ The reviewer would get a notification when it changes to Ready to Review.

Furthermore, you can envision this functionality as being identical to Trello’s “Watch” feature. Each time a new item is moved to a list, you get a notification if you are watching that list. This would make the Kanban report similar in functionality to Trello, and I wouldn’t need to use Trello anymore.

Basically, any complex business logic that you would like to execute but cannot be covered by Ragic’s existing functions can be covered by server-side scripting.

The follows are my workaround, by Javascript-Workflow-Engine.