Not empty validation for when selection is certain options

One of the sheets we created is for service tickets. We have been experiencing an issue with having the users add a close out resolution. We would like to add a validation that would make the free text field called “Close out/resolution” be not empty when the field named “status” which is a selection field is selected as either “Closed - Complete” or “Closed - Not Complete” See screen shot below.

We tried using the Regex Ai and none of the code it generates works. Even tried making the field “not empty” and making a validation that it ignores the “not empty” when the Status is listed as “Open” Ai did not generate any code that worked for this either.

We would appreciate any help with this issue.

Thank you in advance.


This cannot be achieved by setting validation.
Currently it’s not supported to only set up “not empty” attribute according to certain rule, but we do plan to support this in our Conditional Formatting feature. We will notify you once it’s online.


It’s now supported to configure an independent field with “Not Empty” attribute in certain rule by using conditional formatting.
You can try and see if it’s working as expected.

Please note that it’s only supported for “Form Page” design and “Independent fields”.

Thank you,

I will look to make the changes using conditional formatting!

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