"Not Empty" fields in subtables


I have recently imported a lot of records into a new format database. This means some fields that from now on I would never like left empty, are empty. This is fine on individual records, as we are working through and filling them in.

However, because I have these fields on subtables as well, it is proving almost impossible to edit a record, as when I do, I flags 10 other records that need “Not Empty” fields completing in the subtable.

I know I could just turn off the “Not Empty” option until these are all completed, but I was wondering if their was a way the “Not Empty” condition could apply in the main sheet but not in any subtables?



I do not quite understand the requirements. The “Not Empty” attributes are applied on a field basis. If you don’t need this in the subtable, simply remove it would be fine. Would you mind sharing an actual example for us to refer to?

Hi Angie,

Sorry, I know this is a super niche question.

I know I can remove it field by field, but I want to remove it on the subtable and keep it on the main record.

In the same way you can have a field hidden on a subtable but visible in the main record.

At the moment, if I remove the “Not Empty” criteria from the subtable field, it also removes it from the main record field.

Did that help?



Hi Terri,

Just to clarify, are you referring that you have two sheets:
Sheet A. Main sheet contains a subtable
Sheet B. Subtable sheet that created by “New sheet from subtable” based on the subtable in Sheet A.

And, you want to set the “Not Empty” attribute only on sheet A but not sheet B? If that’s the case, then you can remove the “Not Empty” attribute in sheet B directly and it won’t affect the “Not Empty” attribute you applied on sheet A.

Please kindly try again and send us a ticket via “Need Help?” if the issue persists.

Hi Angie,

Sorry for the slow reply.

It’s strange. Now if I add or remove “not empty”, you are right, I can remove it on the subtable and keep it on the record. I think maybe I had only tried editing it one way and not the other, but whatever the reason, I can ge tthis to work now.



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