Noob Question - Comparing two Selection fields

Only just dabbling with this, but already hit a problem when attempting to use a formula to compare two Selection fields…

Cell C11 Field Name “FIELD 1”, Cell D11 ‘Selection’ field with values “Value 1, Value 2, Value 3”
Cell A16 Field Name “FIELD 2”, Cell B16 ‘Selection’ field with values “Value 1, Value 2, Value 3”
Cell C16 Field Name “Different?”, formula IF(D11.RAW=B16.RAW,“No”,“Yes”), Cell D16 ‘Free Text’

I’m expecting the value in D16 to show ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ depending on whether D11 and B16 match or not, but the cell remains blank when scrolling through my test records.

I’ve tried without .RAW and using the operator ‘==’ but still no joy.
I’ve also tried referring to the Field Name cells (as opposed to the value cells), again with no joy.

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong here please?



Did you run a recalculation on the field with the formula? You will need to to do that to populate past entries. I have used this same formula and it worked for me.


Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’ve applied formula and recalculated several times, but just can’t get this formula to work at all !?

Does your formula compare 2 Selection fields too?

My formula field is formatted as “Free Text”… seems correct to me, but should it be another type?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


I will give it a shot on my end and let you know what I find out :slight_smile:

When I pasted your formula and changed the fields, it gave me an error reminding me about matching pairs. Then I noticed the quotation marks looked different than when I type them. So then I looked at your original post - the quotation marks do not match. The opening quotation mark is upside down compared to the closing quotation mark. Try pasting this:

Take a look at mine (top) versus yours (bottom) side by side, there’s a slight difference in the quotation marks:

Sadly, same results. Just cant make this field auto-update based on formula at all !?

Added a brand new field with formula, and it simply wont auto-fill based on my condition. Definitely clicked Apply Formula to Existing Fields too. Not sure RAGIC is for me based on this experience :frowning_face:

Oh! I am noticing that my formula did the same thing after posting. For some reason, the quotation marks are different. Below is what I had originally written, with the top one being correct:
When you first tried this formula, did you copy and paste it from this forum? Have you tried typing it out instead? The formula worked for me when I replaced the quotation marks by typing them, and I used selection fields as well.
If this doesn’t work, I would suggest writing a ticket through the Ragic website.
I wouldn’t give up! This is just a minor hiccup :slight_smile: Since I know this formula works, I’m pretty certain they can help you if my new suggestion doesn’t work out.

I get a lot of mixed results with using the .RAW tag, you might try without and see if it works. Also, multi-select fields are not fully supported and they do give off weird results.