Non numeric "Unique ID" fields slow down?

In templates like sales orders, the field that links and loads the customer is the CustomerID. Since we wont remember customer numbers, we have to click and open the list then search by name and select it from the list. If we make the CustomerID something that resembles the name, we can just type and select the customer without going to the pop-up list. In the long run, will this make the database slower?

Another alternative is letting the CustomerID be an autogenerated number, but we use the CustmerName as the Link and Load pivot to load his other information. Then we can just type the name avoiding the pop-up list. Again will this practice slow the database?


Both methods will not make the database slower. However, we suggest applying the first one since sometimes there might be duplicates in the customer names.

The other workaround would be creating a new free text field and combine the “Customer ID” and “Customer Name” fields with string formulas. Then, use that field as the linked field and loaded other information.

Note: please export entries first before you change the linking since changing the linking relationship will affect on existing entries.

Thank you for the fast response, Angie. :smiley: