NEW VALIDATION - Empty (field) Reminder

Check this one out guys! I’m sure it’s going to get you excited, and put a smile on your face!

It’s called “Empty Reminder” as as-a-pose-to the existing Validation; Not Empty!

The difference being, that with Empty Reminder, you get a reminder wen saving and closing a new record, instead of having to make entries if you have not dine so already, as with the existing Not Empty validation feature. So, with Empty Reminder now, if some fields have no entries made into them, you get the option to just continue, without making any entries. Obviously, you have to select which fields.

Needless to say, this feature would also be available when updating existing record as well.

You could even go so far as to have Ragic automatically navigate to those fields that require entries (i.e. once, if you choose to enter data after receiving the reminder), in sequential order.

<<I don’t believe that there is a way to do this with Ragic, at the moment.>>

Anyway, I hope you like this feature suggestion. I personally could see myself making use of such capability, however at this time I have no need, for this extended capability seeing that I do not at this time require external persons to fill out forms, to get data into my databases. At this time. At this time, I have actually just one such form, I believe, however, if someone did have many such forms for people to fill out, then in such case, I feel that this feature would come in handy!

Best Regards,


PS _) I previously suggested the navigation feature mentioned here, however on it’s own. How it works, is you enter a number from 1 to whatever (maybe), in the settings for each field, with the number being the order in which fields would make themselves available for entry, or not, i.e. once a new form was created and ready to be filled. All the user would have to do is hit the tab button to go from one field to the other, as per the prespecified order! It’s a form entry wizard of sorts, you could even go as far as to have the option for a popup, to appear, with the fields that require entries, being present!