New user here, hello!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to join the boards here. Ragic seems like it could be exactly what I’m looking for, not sure just yet.

Background: I personally have a fair amount of MS Access experience, but very little SQL outside of some WordPress setup. I’ve built a company product database with some query and reporting, so I’m not unfamiliar with the basic concepts.

Fastforward: I’m now doing some volunteer work for a nonprofit group, where my duties involve bringing in guest speakers and lecturers. This group has been maintaining an Excel spreadsheet since 2012(!). The spreadsheet is organized (very loosely!) into tabs of seasons, Spring and Fall, of speaker names, topics, notes, attendance, etc.

It’s fine for what it is, it gets the job done, it helps us stay organized. But wow, does it show it’s clumsiness as I try to work with a small team. Other folks need to access it for upcoming schedule. Research is very hard, as you have to do multi-tab searching to see when a speaker spoke last, etc.

This just begs for conversion to a database. But again, my skillset for creating something from scratch is limited these days. And I really must allow for multi-user and mobile/offline users.

When I found Ragic, it seemed like a perfect go-between. The power of spreadsheets with the underlying power of relational databases. Does it sound like the right fit to you all?

You can easily get started and go on to create Database application for Desktop Browser / Mobile App.
However, you mentioned “offline users”.

I think “currently” the mobile app only support Read mode for offline data. Which means that you cannot edit or update, and you cannot use formula for calculation.
Not sure if that’s a deal breaker for you.
They have the plan to increase the capability of the Offline mode though.

As to the scenario you intended to implement this system, I recall someone in the forum was using Ragic to manage Experts and sessions. Maybe that is somewhat similar to the Spreaker, Topic… etc that you mentioned.

My mistake. I really meant “off-site” not offline. So really just need mobile connection, and Ragic would fit that.

Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll take a look at that!


Welcome to Ragic!
You seem to have noticed that Ragic is a powerful database tool that allows you to create your own database without a line of code. If you need multiple users in your database, you can simply add them as users to your database.
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a post in the Ragic community or click the “Need Help?” button to submit a support ticket and reach out to Ragic Support.