New subtable post in form

Have made a subtable for line items on a shipping order
I have then made a new sheet for this subtatble
In the shupping order view I have added a button for making a new entry in the subtable form.

Is it possible to make this mandatory? Meaning make it impossible to add a line on the subtable directly from the shipping order form?

Also I wonder, how can i make a sequence or generated field in the subtable order form? Right now i get only sequence nr 1 one every line item I add.
Ideally I would like ordernr from shipping order form + autoincremental 3 digit value


Just for confirmation, you have two sheets:

  1. Shipping Order
  2. Shipping Order Detail, which created by the “new sheet from subtable” based on the “Shipping Order” sheet

And you hope that when you add a new subtable row in the “Shipping Order” sheet, that row won’t populate automatically in the “Shipping Order Detail” sheet, correct?

Currently, with the design you have, the subtable rows in the “Shipping Order” and the “Shipping Order Detail” itself actually share the same dataset. Hence, when you add a new data in either page, it will auto-populate on the other. May I know the use case for this so that we can evaluate if there is any workaround for you?

Would you mind sharing an actual example of this as we’re not quite sure the sequence number you would like to have?

Like this,

Field A - Autogenerated {0,number,000}

field B - *Autogenerated with Field A + {0,number,00}

Its for a freight management system.
mainTable = Orders
For each orderline I can have different pickup and deliveryaddress so I have made a subtable to put in the details for each orderline.
Then I will in the subtable add one more subtable in order to be able to split the orders down if I must load it via a terminal or warehouse (different freight legs). This should in theory be possible to do indifinetly so one Order can have multipe orderlines, where each orderline can be divided in multipe freight legs.


In the subtable, you can create a new free text field with string formulas to combine the field values of the field A and field B. Then, you’ll have a unique value that combines field A and field B.

Note: Once the formulas added, remember to apply formulas recalculation in order to apply it to existing entries.