New Form Notifications

Hi. New user to Ragic!

I created a lead database to track leads for one person in my office. Other staff members will be creating a new record when someone calls in using a Data Collection URL weblink.

Is there a way that the staff member in my office that is following up on these leads be notified that a new record is created? I am using the Data Collection URL link because it is extremely quick/useful and does not require the other staff members to log in.


Ok I see that I if I go to Notifications, I can choose to notify anytime a new record is created. I did this under both Individual Tab settings and Overall settings that notifications should occur when a new record is created by email/push/web. When I create a new entry via the web URL link, there is however no notification.


Would you mind sending a support ticket via “Need Help” and provide the sheet URL and which user didn’t receive notifications? It’s on the top right corner of database page, you could grant Ragic Support access to your database to see if there’s any setting could help.