New Field Type - Multiple select with Groups

Hi Ragic team,

It would be good if I was able to select multiple categories, and multiple items under each/all categories, all being in one field.

At the moment this is not possible!

I can use selection fields, or multiple selection fields, and the selection field has a “cascade selection” option…

I can make the cascade selection option work for multiple category and multiple item selections by using two addition fields with formulas etc. pointing to the category and items field respectively, it’s a work around that works for me.

I recall, I did in the past ask that you/Ragic look into including the cascade selection option for the Multiple selection fields, but unfortunates this option has not yet become available…

Now today, I am here suggesting another new selection field entirely!

As described above, it’s similar to that which is found in the WordPress databases, and it may therefore be able to work with such. In fact, I personally don’t know much about how having selectable group headers included with a multiple section field items will work, and if it would be compatible with other systems using such a field too.

Anyway, point being, I think this would be a good thing to have and I would defiantly use it!

As usual thanks for your consideration, friends! It’s been a pleasure, no pain!



To better understand the ideal feature, could you please submit a support ticket or send an email to to provide us with related workflow details and examples? This would massively help us understand what you’re looking for.

Hi Fabio,

Thanks for your reply! I have included a screenshot of a WordPress theme that uses the “field type” that I am trying to describe…


As you can see it is a “property type” field, that has both CATEGORY as well as Items/type included in the same field!

I can use a CONCATONATE type formula, I would imagine would work to get around this and allow the two databases to talk…

Thanks-a-lot as usual,


PS_ Keep in mind that for me at this time I do not have to have this feature, and don’t envision that I will have to either, however it may make things a bit more straight-forward and therefore easier, and for this reason it may too be a welcomed addition for other Ragic users!