New Application Guidance

Good Morning.
Just starting out on a new app and was looking for a few pointers please.
I have a list of members there are really 2 areas. Some members I update their record with an updated disclosure every 3 years. Then I have new members who need references, a new disclosure and an interview. I like to move the record to another completed table when all is finished. Also do reports on these records like all members with current disclosures or still requiring an interview etc.

It sound maybe something Ragic could do but not %100 sure what is the best way to begin. I was thinking maybe 2 sheets, 1 with all information and another with completed. Each member has a unique mem number too. I do have a bit of knowledge on databases but not a lot.
Any pointers would be great. Thank you.

Hi there.
I would tend to keep the data one sheet and add in fields so you can use filters to create specific views. This simplifies it immensely. For example you could have a tick box that says “interview required” and set up a view to show you who the members needing an interview.

Not sure if that answers your question but it is definitely worth a consideration.

You can have multiple version of any sheet that you create, that utilizes the same data source.
So you can use two separate sheets, one for each of the two groups of members. The two sheets though similar and with the same source data, they can still be customised differently for different purposes, For instance some fields may be hidden in one sheet, and addition unique fields too can be added to only one of the sheets and not the other.


So would you have and ideas how to move one to another sheet if it was completed and finished with. Thanks


The easiest way to move a contact record from one sheet to a another new sheet (when finished and completed with, in the main sheet), I would suggest using the “Convert Records” feature, found in the Tools menu, in the Design Mode of the sheet. It’s easy to setup just follow the simple instructions in the popup wizard. On completion you will have an new action button called “convert record”, for instance, located at the bottom right of each form page. So you can then use it to move the “new person” with those special requirements, to a new sheet.

Now I am assuming that this new sheet that you speak of here, is not a duplicate, with the same source data, like we were thinking of before, as if it were, cause you can do that (I have not tried it, though the option to convert to a duplicate sheet with the same source data or not, looks to be available in Ragic), in that case, you will end up with duplicate contacts, if it is in fact the same source data that you are using.

Note: You can also use the convert records action button on multiple records at the same time, to do so, in the “sheet view”, filter or select only the records that you want to convert, go to the tools menu, select the second option “Mass Update”, you will see (if you look carefully), there are sub-folders along the top of the pop-up page, look for “Convert Records”! Hope this helps!

Also worth noting! You can also easily setup any action button in fact, from the Form Settings, found at the top left of the screen, in the Design Mode, look for the Actions tab!

I first though when I read your reply… was that you wanted to know how to duplicate a sheet, and could not find the feature in Ragic…

here is the answer for that anyway…

To make a duplicate of any sheet in Ragic; using the folder tabs along the top of your page, locate the correct folder, then simple navigate to the sheet that you would like to make a copy of, hover over the sheet name, then click on the small down-arrow to the right of the sheet name, a list of options will then appear, select “duplicate sheet”, you will also then get the option to select whether to use the same source data or not, in this case, as we have so far decided that keeping the data together would be better, tick the box (to use same source data) then click “duplicate sheet”. Lastly name the sheet. Click “ok”! That’s it, you’re all done!



Wow lots to read. Will let you know how I get on.

True, I could have just said, “Check this out!”.
Convert records button (

No that’s good of you. Will see how it goes still not much of a clue how the basics work yet. :frowning_face: