Nested Link & Load with Dynamic Filters in Subtables

I have a couple of questions here that I will do my best to explain using the following subtable as an example:

I have tried to simplify it as best as possible here, but it’s still a bit confusing. I am trying to setup a sales invoice subtable that links and loads product sales information from two other sheets. The difficulty is that each product (Product No.) has multiple suppliers (Supplier No.) that each offer a different minimum order quantity (Quantity) and price (Unit Price).

Let’s walk through the workflow as I would like it to occur. Selecting a product in the first field in the subtable (Product No.) loads in the recommended Supplier No., Quantity, and Unit Price. However, if we don’t want to use that supplier, the Supplier No. field should also be editable and link to all the suppliers for that Product No when clicked. Then, selecting a different Supplier No. will load a new Quantity and Unit Price for that supplier.

I can easily limit subtable field choices by using dynamic filters. However, I am running into two obstacles to creating this workflow:

  1. When I link Product No. to load a value into Supplier No., Supplier No. turns grey in the link manager and won’t let me link it to another sheet. I’m pretty sure that I have been able to make regular fields both linked AND loaded before. Is this a limitation specific to subtables? Or am I doing something wrong?

  2. If I link Product No. to load values into Quantity and Unit Price, I can’t also link Supplier No. to them to load (update) a new Quantity and Unit Price.

Any workarounds or suggestions for these two issues? Have I explained the problem clearly enough to understand?


In your case, it seems like one Product has different Suppliers.
In Link & Load, the link field (such as Product No.) should be unique, and it will load the field value from the same sheet, so the load fields such as supplier should not be changed and selected from another sheet.
For example, I have an order sheet with a subtable with the purchased item, and the subtable will have these fields: Product No., Product Name, Product Price, etc.
The Product No. will be the linked field, and Product Name & Product Price will be the load fields.
When I choose Product No., it will automatically load the Product Name & Product Price.
As you can see, you’re not supposed to change the Product Name and select from another sheet, cause there’s only one product that it’s been chosen.

If one product has different suppliers, you may refer to our Inventory Management, one product could have multiple suppliers, Inventory No. will be the unique key of every product from different suppliers.

Also, Linking Multiple Sets of Link & Load to the Same Sheet only supports regular fields, and it doesn’t support subtables.