Need some help with this

Hi all,

So I’m trying to make a daily reporting table with a selection of predefined choices.

For example. I have a team of 3 persons, each of those 3 persons holds a different position in the team and submits a daily report for its position individually.
Sometimes I have more than 1 team working at the same project.

I charge the client by teams and not positions, the team names are also predefined by our contract so I can’t change that.

I need to then somehow make a pivot table report, showing by date and by team. But I can’t filter it by team as it counts each position in the team as a separate submission and for the same date it shows 3 teams instead of 1 team with 3 positions.

Is there a way to make it with cascade selection in the daily report where they can all select a team, then position and to be able to combine those positions into a single team but also to be able to filter it by positions as thats how I need to pay the salary (by position).

I don’t know if I just made any sense but I really want to get this working and a bit of help in the right direction would be great.


Please kindly send us a support ticket via “Need Help?” so that we could have a look at your current sheet design. :slight_smile: