Server Down

all of my accounts on the na4 server are experiencing issues. Not found, not saving, disk errors, etc.

We are having the same issue getting the following error.

(JE 7.5.11) Disk usage is not within je.maxDisk or je.freeDisk limits and write operations are prohibited: maxDiskLimit=0 freeDiskLimit=5,368,709,120 adjustedMaxDiskLimit=0 maxDiskOverage=0 freeDiskShortage=5,368,709,120 diskFreeSpace=0 availableLogSize=-5,368,709,120 totalLogSize=360,368,086 activeLogSize=360,368,086 reservedLogSize=0 protectedLogSize=0 protectedLogSizeMap={}

I am getting the same disk usage error on!

Ragic Support rebooted the server, but I am still experiencing the issues.

We are back to normal.

Yes, Jeff says they implemented a fix, so we should be good now