Mutliple Versions Sheet for System Users

How do you make multiple version type sheet for system users. Popup says this is not possible. What is the best way to create a Company Users sheet that shows only part of Users.


The sheet for user management can not be duplicated by user, if you would like to make a multiple version from it, please send a ticket via “Support Help”, it’s on the upper-right corner. Ragic support would be willing to help you instal the multiple version user sheet.

Thank you Hank. Since I’m new to Ragic I’m still learning what the best way to do things. Just to confirm. If I wanted to create a new sheet that showed internal users attached time cards and expenses and the projects they are working on, but not their system info that a multiple version sheet is the correct approach to this.

Second question, I did a test of a multiversion sheet and noticed that if I changed a formula field on one sheet, which was my ID field, that it did not change on the original sheet. My assumption is that there’s no linking between the sheets. Is this true? What about the field names? If I change the field names do the fields still show the same data? What maintains the data link if the names change?

In this use case, we would suggest creating a new sheet to manage these information. The sheet might contain user ID, user name, and one field the field type is “select user”, which can select a user account to see this record belong to which user, it’s just like the template “Employee management”.

And there might be other sheets to manage time cards ,expenses and projects, all these sheet can be linked to the sheet which created above. Then use the feature Show references from existing sheets to create reference subtables of the records on linked sheets.

Field name and formulas are independent on different multiple version sheets, if you make a change on one, it won’t be reflected in others automatically. However the sheets are still linking, since the fields
got same field ID, they share same field value.