(Multiple) Select from other sheet?

Is there a way to make a MULTIPLE SELECT from other sheet?

You will need to use subtable fields to achieve it.

Thanks for your answer Amy, I will ask for it as new feature request. It seems important to me.


Is there a workaround? Maybe use a subtable field that is populated by the other sheet using link & load?

That’s what I suggested in the previous reply.

Ok, yes, and thank you for that instruction :slight_smile:
Still, I am wondering if link and load is the best way of populating the subtable with values from the other sheet?

It would depend on your initial needs. (with an actual example.)
Feel free to share detailed information regarding what you would like to achieve so we can point you out to the right direction.


We just release this “multiple select form other sheet” feature. Now when you set the field type as “Select from other sheet”, you can find the “Multiple select” check box (in the Design mode):

Please note that we don’t support “loaded fields (loading corresponding values)” when you multiple select form other sheet. Hence, if you’ve already created a link and load relationship and then change the linked field to “Multiple select” type, the system will remove the link for those loaded fields .(the grey line in the link manager will be removed, but the field values which have been loaded from the source sheet will not be deleted).

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Such a great news. It saves so much trouble.


Great feature! But this voids the Dynamic filter - the conditional selection which worked for the single select from another sheet does not work in the multiple select mode.

Now the select drop down includes all the records from the other sheet, while i need it to show just the filtered ones.

Please add the dynamic filter to the multiple select from another sheet. Thanks!



Multi-select from other sheets now supports dynamic filtering. :slight_smile:

It seems the multi select is not working on Dynamic filtering.


If you have any issue about dynamic filtering to multi select, we would suggest sending a support ticket via “Need Help” on the top right corner of database page and share for information with us such like sheet URL, steps to reproduce the issue and grant Ragic Support access to your database so that we could take a closer look.