Multiple select from Linked Sheet


I think I might have gotten confused about how something works here, but I either can’t get the multiple select from linked sheet to work properly, or I have a new feature request!

I have a Sheet of Organisations which has a field that lists the (multiple) types of organisation it is.

I then have a Registration Sheet, and we select an Organisation there, which then pulls through the Type of Organisation.

What I want is to then be able to select just one of the options that have already been selected back in the Organisations sheet. This is because while an Organisation can be many things in theory, when we register with them, we do so only in a single capacity.

For Example:

Organisation Record
Organisation: Fitness First
Type of Organisation: Gym, Swimming Pool, Fitness Centre

Registration Record
Organisation: Fitness First
Type of Organisation: Select ONE from: Gym, Swimming Pool, Fitness Centre




It’s not supported to select only one option from a multiple-select field in the link & load. To achieve what you’ve described, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Manage the types in a subtable as below:

Step 2. Use new sheet from subtable to create the “Organization Type List” sheet:

Step 3. In your “Registration” sheet, link the “Type of Organization” field to the “Organization Type List” sheet. Then, apply dynamic filtering so that only entries with the same organization name will be listed in the pop-up window.

With above setting, you’ll be able to select only one type under a specific organization.

In case you have issues when setting up above, please kindly let us know in which steps that you have the issue and share a screenshot of the error for us to refer to.