Multiple periodic imports in order



I have a scenario where I have two files:

  1. Manufacturer file
  2. Product file with a field that is a ‘Select from other sheet’ field type that looks for the manufacturer name.

I would like to set up a periodic import but need to make sure that the manufacturer file is imported first and then the product file.

How do I achieve this?





You can set the execution time of periodic import in job schedules.



I have 14 files that must be imported in sequence so how would you suggest I best use job schedules? Depending on speed, it is difficult to gauge what time to put all these imports at. I don’t want to put them too far apart as well because then it could take a few hours to update all the data.

In some cases, these files are quite large.





It depends the size of the each imported file and the linking relationship between the sheets you import to. I would suggest creating a support ticket and share the details of the files you would like to import. For example:

File Name: A
Destination Sheet: Sheet A
Destination Field: Field A and Field B