Multi-line Records in Sheets?

Is it possible to have sheets with more than one line for each record?


You may try to see if subtables work for you. :slight_smile:


If I understand you correctly this correctly you have one lengthy sub-table and do not want to scroll far right all the time and would prefer to embed the same child record twice.

Something like this where the colors indicate it is the same sub-table record from another reference sheet.

If that is correct then currently no you are not able to embed the same reference table twice . I have spent many hours trying to find a way to allow this without scripting but not had any luck. Maybe someone else has an idea.


Thanks for the reply. My suggestion has not with sub-tables. What I want is the ability to have records showing in the sheet be more than a single line.

In the example, I was able to fake two lines by entering a line-feed character between the names. But with more information being introduced into the form, to avoid horizontal scrolling, two lines for each record would be better for me. BTW, I have never seen a spreadsheet with this capability.

By resizing down the columns, the information will auto acommodate the words to as many lines as it needs.


Yes, but it is still only one record per line.

I know I am bad at explaining this. In the image, Line 1 and Line 2 are the same record in the database.

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