Moving multiple fields at once (copying rows)

I have large sections of fields that I would like to move to a different area of my form. Is there any method for moving multiple fields without having to resort to moving each one by itself?

The ability to cut and paste rows would be exactly what I need.

You can use the dot at the bottom right of your cell that you’re focused on, drag the dot to select multiple cells, ctrl-c to copy them and ctrl-v to paste them.

Thanks. That does make a copy of the field, but it does not transfer the values of each record. I suppose I am looking for a way to move fields en masse.

When I tried this, it pasted all of the field names into one field. I tried from the label and the value part. Also, copy and paste would only be useful when initially designing a sheet, since it doesn’t migrate all the entries information with it. Or does it duplicate it entirely, including that part?