Move entry from one field to another

i have two columns in my database Telephone & Mobile. The Telephone entry should just hold landline numbers and Mobile obviously just mobile numbers. However over time Mobile numbers have found their way into the Telehone Column. How can i move all mobile numbers in the Telephone column to The Mobile Column. However there are some Customers whose mobile field already has an entry in the mobile column (second mobile number usually) so there woiuld need to be a check the mobile column didnt already have a number in…
Mobile entries all start 07 and landline 01

I hope this makes sense.


For your case, you can create an update value on another sheet button to do so. In the setting, the target sheet will be the same sheet that you’re executing the update, and you can then select to update from the telephone field to the mobile field.

When executing, you would need to filter your entries first on the listing page so it will only display the records that have mobile numbers in the telephone field, and there are no values in the mobile field. If you have other filtering conditions, you would also need to apply it in this step. When the filtering is completed, you can select to execute the action button with mass update.

And then after the update is completed, you may then filter and delete the mobile number values on the telephone field. Again, this can also be done with mass update.

Great, thanks for the prompt reply.

This is very clever and what you can do to clear the field is just have a temporary field that is empty and part of the update is to move the empty field value to the one you want to clear. Then you do it all in one step.

Love this feature, very smart.