Money field values: 'Free' instead on '0/blank'

Hope you can help! Hope we can do this one too!

Pretty self-explanatory,

I have a new field - COST (money field type)

I would like to set-it-up so that when the cost is at $0,
it says “Free” instead of “$0” or “blank”…

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“Text” value cannot be entered/stored in a numeric field.

What if the field is not a money-field type. What if it is a text field. One record might be $15.00, and another record might be “Free,” and another record might be blank. We could have the original data source (originally Google sheets) do the logic to get the right string.


In your case, you may create another text field to return.

For example:

  1. A1 is the numeric field where you enter the value
  2. Create a text field A2, using the IFS formula to return: IFS(ISBLANK(A1)," ",A1=0,“Free”,true,A1)
  3. Then the return field will return depending on the value in the A1:
    a. When A1 is blank, A2 will return blank

    b. When A1=0, A2 will return Free

    c. When A1 is not blank or 0, A2 will return the value in A2

Hi thanks for your help!

I tried the formula IFS(ISBLANK(A1)," ",A1=0,“Free”,true,A1) it worked!

However I have one problem, I now need it to say $4.40 and not $4.4, and even $4.00 and not $4 if that is possible! Is that possible? For some reason it does that, I hope you help!

I can’t seem to think of a way do these myself!




Try this formula instead:


You may use TEXT() to formate a number value: Usage of the TEXT() formula

Noted: ISBLANK(A1) works the same as A1.RAW="", but currently there’s some issue when formula IF is combined with ISBLANK() and TEXT(). Therefore, we suggest you use A1.RAW="" instead.

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