Modification from unexpected guest1714082101492

I am the administrator of a 25 people team using the ragic lite plan.
I received notifications for new entries and/or modifications to them mentioning, for example, " guest1714082101492 modified ‘this entry’ ". I verified through other added files that some of my users (not external ones) made the changes but I cannot explain why the system did not record their usernames. Keeping a clean record of changes is of paramount importance for my project. How do I fix this?

PS. All the user names are in greek language and some of them are abbreviated writing half the name with a full stop at the end. Greek names did not create this problem up to now, maybe the full stop is. In any way it makes me wonder.
Thank you in advance.


If you’re sure that the users made changes in the entries as logged in users instead of “EVERYONE”, please send Ragic support an email with your database URL for us to take further investigation.

Thank you!