Modal / Draggable Dialog box for "new records"


  • Link to a record to a new record in a separate table via an browser pop-up modal window
    *Instead of via a new browser tab*

The workflow for linking a current record to record in another table currently involves:

  1. Clicking on the field’s drop down arrow
  2. A modal dialog box appears in the browser window, which allows the user link to a record in another table via:
    A) Searching for a record in the modal dialog box’s search form (smooth process) or
    B) Clicking the “new record” button (cluncky and awkward because of the additional steps hereafter)
    • Clicking “new record” (above step) opens a new window outside to the current window;
    • once the user is finished creating the new record in the newly opened browser tab, user saves the record, then closes the tab to complete create the link.

The proposed design for the new linked record form:

  • Would be intuitive, and prevent creating a new tab (to a possibly already numerously tabbed interface)
  • Would prevent the user from loosing focus of the MAIN task (the current design is awkward and by using a completely new tab simply enter a new linked record, the interface is shifting away from the focused record).
  • Would give the user access to any information underlying the current form (user would just drag the from out of the way to see any needed information in the parent record).
  • The current design is little more than a new tab in the linked table, opened to the “new record” form view, making it possible to navigate out of the new record view, and making for a confusing user experience.

This is a really good suggestion. I do think we can implement this with an iframe containing the new record creation that was in a new tab. We will definitely see if we can incorporate this change into our release in the near future. Really appreciate your suggestion!

Hey Jeff, my pleasure! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you listening! And thanks for taking the time to make sense of this post (it was fraught with typos and errors).

Looking forward to trying the feature!


Gd morn Jeff,

Has this feature been implemented? If yes, how can I use this feature? If no, how soon will this be?

I am facing a similar issue whereby I have to go back to the listing page to find the next record which is cumbersome and time consuming.

I was trying to create a search record button but not successful. Maybe I am approaching it the right way. Please help.


Hi - we’d also see this feature as really valuable. Is it implemented or in the near-term dev pipe?