Mobile app layout continously reorders itself

I have a very large sheet containing a large number of fields and also a large number of descriptions. The sheet itself is a copy of another sheet (multiple versions). I try to achieve a mobile app layout setting, where my fields and descriptions appear in a dedicated order, by ordering them in the mobile app layout.
Somehow the order of the fields in the mobile app layout continously becomes disorganized by some time and it is not possible to determine why this happened.
Almost all description fields are then ordered to the bottom.
I hvae repeatedly experienced this now and it seems that the mobile app layout does not save consistently and thus becomes disorganized.


Could you please submit a ticket by clicking “Need Help” at upper right corner in your database > Support Ticket to provide us the urls of the sheets you encountered this issue with, description and screenshots of the issue and let us know if we can add our mobile app developer to your database for testing?

Thank you!

Ok. I will submit a ticket.