Mobile App field order not working


No matter what I put in the field order tool, it has no effect on my android phone display. Also, I have no idea what the colored circle with the single letter before each field on my phone means.



Are you referring to this feature?

If so, this is for “field order on form page” of the mobile app only.

Currently it’s not supported to customize listing page fields display on mobile app, but we are working on this. We will let you know once it’s supported.

For the colored circle, if there’s any image uploaded to image upload field in the entry, it would display the uploaded image in the circle. If not, it would be entry creator’s name (first character).


Yes, thank you.



Configuring sheet listing page field layout on mobile app is now available!
You can find this setting under sheet listing design mode > Form Tools > Mobile app layout settings.


This is GREAT. However, one of the fields I selected to display is “Last Date Seen” but the display on mobile is “first” status date record of subtable. Other fields are working fine.



Subtable field won’t be displayed on the sheet listing. Do you mind submitting a ticket by clicking “Need Help” at upper right corner in your database > “Support Ticket”, filling up the form with detailed information (sheet url, a screenshot of the wrong result of the sheet listing on your mobile app) for us to refer to?