missing space in notification email subject

In the subject of the email sent by notification@mg.ragic.com, when the notification is related to a modification, a space is missing between the “username” and the word “Modified” (with the “M” capitalized).
Additionally, in the body of the email, the space is correctly included and the “m” in “modified” is lowercase.


Would you mind sharing screenshots of your sheet and email content? If it’s not convenient to provide them here, please feel free to email our customer support at support@ragic.com or reach out to our support team using the “Need Help?” link located in the top right corner of your database.
Thank you.

As you can see in the screnshot taken from both gmail and outlook (desktop), between the username and the action “Modified” there isn’t a space (except in one case, the first message in the outlook screenshot, and this happens once out of hundreds).

inbox - ragic - notifications

In the email body, the missing space (between username and action) comes back, as you can see

inbox - ragic - notifications3


Thank you for your response. We have escalated this issue to our technical team for further investigation. If the problem persists, we kindly ask you to provide us with additional screenshots and information, including your Ragic website, by clicking on “Need help?” in the upper-right corner of your database. This will assist us in conducting a more detailed analysis of the issue.

Thank you for your cooperation.