Mind map (or WBS) diagram

It would be very useful to implement a mind map like view (or WBS or such) or any kind of box hierarchy diagram from Ragic records, so that each box of the diagram is linked to one record and relations between boxes are kept in a given field of the table containing those records.
It would be particularly usefull to allow a box having more than one predecessor, which is a feature few data management SW have.
Thanks in advance,

Could you elaborate a bit more on how the hierarchy can be established from a sheet of records?

There are several ways. There must be a hierarchy field which, for example, might point to the parent record.
For example, when you start adding items to a mind map, you create a special field type called a hierarchy field. The item in the center is assigned the name ‘Root’ and each subsequent branch receives a number (1, 2, 3, …n). Each descendent on each branch then receives a subsequent number (1.1, 2.3,

I see. But this would probably mean that the hierarchy field is created specifically with the mind map report in mind. Which means mind map reports cannot function without a hierarchy field, and hierarchy fields have no use outside of mind map reports. Generally we try to avoid this type of design for our reports and try to be as general as possible. We will think about this further and see if we can find a more general approach in the future.