Merging (Spanning) multiple columns in a subtable

So the merging styling tool works everywhere except for when I use it in a sub-table. When I merge the column within the sub-table it appears to work but exiting the design and trying to input data moves down all the formatted cells by 1 cell and makes it impossible to enter the data properly into the sub-table.

Of course I could remove the merging function and the sub-table works great, but If I remove the merge, then I am left with a tiny “position” column in the subtable, or I can expand the “C” column super wide and my sheet design would look ridiculous with a giant space between client info and address. See the pictures below for before merging the column and after merging the column effects.


Cannot post more than 1 picture apparently, so here are the other two screenshots that belong to the OP.



Would you please click “Need Help” at upper right corner from your database, and select “Support Ticket” to submit a ticket with detailed information of the issue you have encountered? Fill out the form with information e.g. on which sheet (sheet url) you have this issue with (it would be helpful if you can provide the url of this thread from community), and click “Grant Access Right to Ragic Support Team” so that we can look into your database.