Merging customer databases with different layouts and duplications.

Hi all.

I have 2x excel databases of customers and I would like to merge them together. One is from an app called tradify which is the one I update daily and the other is my iphone.

I would like all new or updated customers entered on tradify, to appear on my phone. All duplicate entries consolidated the first time.

This seems to be an impossible mission. Could Ragic help?


Are you referring to the fact that you would like to process your customer data on Tradify, and have it displayed on the Ragic app on your iPhone? If so, you would first need to integrate Tradify with your Ragic database by coding via API concatenation. And since this integration would need to be customized via coding, we may refer you to our Ragic Partners or you may post your requirements on the work offered page to find assistance.

If the above information is not what you are looking for, please provide us with the complete details of this issue so we can provide you with solutions or guide you in the right direction. Information such as a detailed description of your data, how you would like to process your work, and also some examples or screenshots would definitely be helpful. In addition, you may also submit a support ticket via the “Need Help” button located on the top right corner of your Ragic database to have Ragic Support assist you.