Merge or Transfer Sheet(s) from a Separate Account

I want to transfer sheet(s) from one account to another account. Is there a solution for this? I see “Partner” accounts are able to do this but was curious of a “Professional” Account has an ability to do this?

If not, I will go the rebuild and export/import records route.

Thank you,

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The feature hasn’t opened to general SYSAdmin so far. I’ve added this discussion thread to the notification list of the feature release and will keep you posted once it’s released.

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We now support copying sheets between databases.

SYSAdmin can find the “Cross Account Sheet Copier” under account setup. The tool will list all databases that have you as a SYSAdmin. You’ll be able to copy selected tabs or sheets into another database. Please note that only the sheet structure will be copied but not the entries.

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Hi, Angie,

It’s a nice addition.

I tried looking at the function.
It appears that it only supports database hosted on the same server right?
I have the same SYSAdmin Account on different database, but it only shows the database from the same server.
Any chance that it can support copying across different servers?

Hi Jeremy,

This feature does support cross server copying. If you’re still facing issues please send Ragic Support and Email with your database accounts and sheets URL you’d like to make copies.

Thank you

Thanks for verifying that it does support cross server copying.