Merge or Combine Records in a sheet to make a new entry in the same sheet

We have a sheet that we create individual orders in that contain things like Origin, Destination, references, etc.

Is it possible to create an Action button that would allow us to merge one or many of those records into a new single record? We would want to specify a handful of fields that would merge in a single record.

For example, have the Order number append to the existing one.
Order 1 going from Alabama to Texas, reference #123456
Order 2 going from Alabama to Texas, reference #345345
We decide to merge them since they are going to the same place.

When we merge the 2 records, the reference # would be 123456 / 345345. And the record(s) that were merged are removed (or assigned a status of our choosing).



Our standard feature does not support this kind of action. You may need to write extra javascript workflow: