Merge Field Rows

I’m surprised this feature hasn’t been requested before - unless I have missed it.

Currently you can merge multiple columns using the span feature, this work fine. But there is no similar feature for rows. As Ragic tries to emulate the ease of use of a spreadsheet I am surprised this hasn’t been incorporated.

Can we have this feature?

The reason I would like it is that when you make a field expandable - so that the vertical size increases when you put more lines of text in the box - all the other fields on that row also increase in size. It would be better to enable on large (vertical) text box merging several rows. Then on the same rows you can have standard height fields as well.

Make sense?

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We have received request before and I do understand what you mean. However, there are quite a bit of complications when adding row merging to Ragic. One of the biggest problem would be row merging would conflict with our subtable auto expansion ability, as each subtable row currently maps to one single row, as Excel does not have subtables.

We are currently adding some configurations to support your type of requirement, such as the “fixed image size” so that the image can expand beyond the cell height, overlapping to other cells so that it will not stretch the whole row. Right now we think approaches like these can help requirements like yours while not needing to implement row merges which may break our current subtable auto expansion behavior.

Please add this feature fast.

It is very importante for the design of a form.