Mass Email Options

Another question concerning mass email…

Is it possible to use an html formatted template, similar to what is possible with the custom action button? Or, is it possible to add the rich formatting options like what is shown when we send a ticket to this board? I need to be able to use bold, change letter sizing, etc. for our mass emails as well as for individual emails. And I’d really like to be able to use our logo in the header as well. All that works when I create an individual email template. But there seems to be no way to do so for mass email.

We’re actually working on this enhancement adding similar functionality as the custom action button for sending out e-mail. Rich formatting will come later since it will be a bigger change. I will keep you posted on this thread.

That’s great to hear! Even having the functionality like what is available on the custom action button would solve the issue for me. The sooner the better! :grinning:

Thank you!


Our “Mass Email” function has been enhanced. Let us know if you have any questions while using this feature.

Thank you for the enhancements! They are a huge help! Still looking forward to the rich formatting so that our average users will feel more at home in sending the e-mails. I’ve looked at integrating with Mailchimp, etc. as an alternative, but then I can’t send to a specific lookup, without laying out every group exactly the same in Mailchimp. - and that’s very time consuming and highly subject to error when you have multiple groups and a dynamic list.

Anyhow, sure do appreciate the enhancement and very much looking forward to rich formatting!

Thanks for your feedback! We’re working hard to improve our e-mailing capabilities, and will see if we can take the further step for rich text editing on our mass e-mails.

Thank you for the wonderful work you do. Also, FYI just in case anyone else has the same issue, after posting previously, I did find a feasible work around in using an online converter from rich text to html. I have our staff member simply prepare the email as she would with a Word doc or G-mail and then copy and paste their text into She can then quickly copy the html from that program and paste it into the mass e-mail in Ragic. That way, she doesn’t have to have any knowledge of html to make the email look as she wants.

Again, thank you for a wonderful program. Ragic has revolutionized our office!

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