Mandatory fields on survey form



How do you ensure fields are “not empty” in a survey form? You can not set the value to “not empty” because you can’t then create the survey records.

We need to ensure certain fields on the survey are completed.

Thank you



By selecting to make certain fields not empty, you can ensure that the users filling out this form will fill in a value in those fields, otherwise they won’t be able to save their records. On the other hand, if they have filled in values in those fields that are set to not empty, they can then save their records and successfully create new records.



I don’t think you understand my question.

In this form I want to make all fields mandatory. Section A if for the person getting the survey to complete and then the section B I need to complete so that Ragic has an email address to send the survey to.

If I make section A mandatory then I cant leave it blank (for them to complete) and save it with only section B filled in to send the survey.



JavaScript required.

1.Add/Create new entry:

2.Edit/Modify entry by email link:



You cannot have different mandatory fields for different people on one sheet without using scripts. For your case, you would need to break this into two sheets and use multiple versions or convert records when the users complete part A, you can then complete part B on another sheet.



I created a new version with the same data source. There is an Admin version and a simpler end user (survey) version with less fields.
So the process is:

  1. In the Admin version of the form I select the survey email and Ragic emails them the link
  2. The survey user then gets the email to complete the form with all the fields as mandaroty

The problem is Ragic sends the user the Admin version form link so how do I tell it to send the other version?




Currently, it is not supported to send an email to assign an entry of another version of the sheet. A workaround would be entering the email to send on your Admin sheet first. And on your survey user form sheet, you can design a button to send custom email to your users and include the link of the record in your custom email, and you can send the email to users from there for each record. On the other hand, on the listing page, you can also use themass editing function to execute the mailing action button for multiple records at once.