Mandatory fields based on conditions

I was wondering if there is anyway to use a forumula to make a field mandatory, rather than just turning on the ‘Not Empty’ option. Sometimes it is nice to make a field only mandatory once other information has been filled in on the form, so if the form is saved early it wouldn’t force a field to be mandatory until other prerequisite fields are filled in.


From your description, I would suggest applying conditional fomatting to display specific fields when criteria matched.

Let’s say you have A1 field, a free text field, and A2 field. And, you would like to display A2 fields only if there is value in A1. Then, steps would be as below:

Step 1. Create A3 field and apply formulas to check if A1 is empty. For example, IF(A1="",“N”,“Y”)
The formula means if there is value in A1, returns “Y”. Otherwise, returns “N”.
*Note that the formulas might be different according the field type of A1 field. Please refer to this article for further details.

Step 2. Apply conditional formatting based on A3 field so that A2 field will only be displayed when the A3 field is “Y”.