Making a database to where a export template can do something like: X data row refers to Y data row export them into one word or whatever data template.

Heya ya’ll.

I’m pretty new to databases and super new to Ragic. (All though, I’ve taught myself a lot crazy fast)

I want to do what the subject says.

So, a super easy example:

I manually search for all soups. Select all the soups. Then of course export it to a datamerge template of choice. IE: One where each soup is on it’s own page or one that just lists the soup names on one page or whatever.

—I’m pretty sure I got this one down. So, I don’t need help with it.

The one I DO need help with is the X and Y one.


Not all X rows are going to refer a Y.

For the ones that do: I’ll know in advance from reading it manually. I then want to do export so It’s like this, say with recipes.

You have a recipe for a full meal with diff things. Each thing is put into it’s own data row (form input).

The data for the meal refers to all of these things so, you can do a search for X dinner and all the stuff that goes with it shows up and then you could export the info for ALL the stuff to the desired template.

I KNOW I could do this with basically tags. Honestly though, that is such a pain to keep track off.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Would you like submit a support ticket to allow Ragic support to access your account to test and have a better understanding of your database and your question? You can do this by clicking on the “Need Help” button located on the top right of your screen, and submit a support ticket and enter your question with the complete details such as the link of the sheet, description of your process, screenshots or video recording (please upload your video to this link, attachment of your mail merge file, etc.