Make Free text always multi-line

My suggestion is to make free text multiline by default (now only when field height>45px).
Rich text format is not practical if you are interested in multiline fields but do not need RTF features (with RTF fields you need to go through so many steps: open RTF editor, edit, close edit, confirm implementation of text into the field,…)
I would certainly buy a licence if this would be available!


You may use alt-enter to add line breaks.

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Yes, it is working like that, thanks, Jeff told me already.
I wonder what´s the point of this threshold of 45 pix.
Anyhow, that makes it a bit easier.
Thanks again for your support,

So, I’m on a Mac

Alt/Option Enter/Return works great if I’m in the Sheet view(ergo, the data view). However, it does not work if I’m adding data via the Form view. It just moves the entry point to the next entry cell. :frowning:

Is there any way to fix this?


I’m not quite sure about what you meant, I’m using mac, chrome, and I can add line break while filling the value no matter in sheet listing view or form view. Would you please share with us a screenshot or video for us to refer to?

Odd. Heres a screen shot of the form design for that field, its set to Free Text

I’m not really the best way to do a video. I’d have to upload it somewhere then link it.
I can if needed though.

I’ve tried in Form view / entry to do the following to get line returns:


Cmd - Enter
Option - Enter
Contrl - Enter
and every combo of those three.

Nothing is working.

Either in Chrome or Firefox.

I’m kinda wondering if it’s a system setting on my computer but, I’ve never ran into it before.

Are you referring to adding line breaks? If yes, the hot key is “alt+enter”.

Yes to line breaks

I have now tried it on 3 different Mac computers that are running the latest version of Mac OS AND in different web browsers and Alt-Enter(Return) is not doing a line return/line break on any of them. It just bumps me to the next cell down in the form input.

It’s clearly not a problem with my computer at this point. It’s a problem with Ragic.

Alt-Return works fine in Excel, Google Sheets, Excel Online (365).

Libre Office strangely enough requires CMD-Return

Again, NO key combos work to do line returns/line breaks in Ragic. None.

I’m submitting a trouble ticket.

So, after more playing around and trying it on a Windows computer… I have figured out something was wrong with my sheet and or form.

I just downloaded all the data into Excel, then made a new Sheet in Ragic based on that xls file and now I can just do Enter within freetext fields to make line breaks.

I have no clue what or how my sheet/form got messed up in the first place but… wowo to it being fixed