Make editing in listing view more user friendly

Hi, it is not quite smooth to edit in listing view at the moment.

  • My first suggestion is to allow adding new records or remove existing ones within the edit mode, so that it is possible for example to edit one cell and remove a record before clicking on SAVE.
    The application is too slow for heavy use (even though I show only 50 records as recommended, and I have tried with many web browsers, different computers and operative systems, different computer nets, etc…) and the most operations are needed, the most unusable it becomes. This apart from the fact that very often the sheet is somehow disconnected (save buttons do not appear) and and I have to refresh to continue editting.
  • My second suggestion (and this could really improve performance) is to have a desktop application for Computers (MacOs and Windows). This would allow to make queries offline as well, extremely useful!!!

Thanks and happy new year!


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Hi Germán,

Could you file a support ticket to Ragic support and provide us with the URL of your sheet for some testing? It sounds like there’s a bug and maybe a performance issue. We can have our developers take a look and see what we can do.

Also we do have plans to add desktop applications in the future, thank you for your suggestion!

Happy new year!