mailto: link formula is not working


I was able to create a URL formula link to Facebook and LinkedIn here Search social media inside Ragic (LinkedIn, Facebook) but it does not seem to work for mailto links.

"[URL='mailto:"+SUBSTITUTE(A5,' ', '%20')+"']Email[/URL]"

and A5 = Michael Zee <>

If I debug the field using "URL='mailto:"+SUBSTITUTE(A5,' ', '%20')+"']Email[/URL]" without the first [ and then copy the resulting innerHTML mailto:Michael%20Zee%20<> into a browser address it brings up a new email perfectly.

Please assist.


Could you let me know what’s the result value that you end up with? We’ve tested and the BBCode generated seems correct.

You can find the example at this page!/1/0
Look at the field E-Mail Link and I also created a debug version to the right where all i removed is the [ and ]

Support has access and this is a demo sheet so please feel free to change anything on this sheet.