Mail Merge to XLS, Listing Page vs Form Page Templates

How do I set the action buttons to show the mail merge listing template on the listing page only and the mail merge form template on the form page only? Right now both buttons show up on both the listing and form pages.


Do you mean the “Mail merge” action button?
“Mail merge” action button will only be shown on the page that can be used. The list page will only show the list page mail merge action button, also, the form page will only show the form page mail merge action button.

Or do you mean “upload mail merge template”?
In both the list and form pages, you may upload both kinds of templates. This can not be changed.

If you need further support, please kindly elaborate more on your issue, and share some screenshots for us to refer to.

Unfortunately, I have 3 sheets where the mail merge action button is not working like this. I have submitted a ticket.