Mail Merge Rich Text Editor Fields

I’m sure this is difficult to implement, but preserving the formatting of a Rich Text Editor field while mail merging to a Word doc would be handy.

I would be appreciative of a workaround to preserve line breaks during a mail merge at least.

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Sorry that I missed this message. I will let our developer know about this and see what we can do.

We’ve just added the support for preserving line breaks during a mail merge. You can test and check it out!

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It works great. Thank you for this!

Please also add Line break support for Free Text fields.

Since, apparently you can do line breaks in free text… but for some reason I can’t.


You can use hotkey alt+enter to add line breaks.

Heya Amy,

I actually just submitted a trouble ticket based on the Mail merge export not doing line breaks in Free text.

I fixed my issue with not being able to do line breaks on form view while imputing data.

However, those line breaks do not export via Mail Merge.